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Iglesia EL Sinai Church Gets 'Sprayover' by Alpine Foam
The large church was nothing more than an empty shell before Alpine Foam sprayed foam insulation on its roof and walls.
By Kaitlyn Chasse

PALM BAY, FL – July 18, 2012 – Iglesia EL Sinai Church saw its first sub-contractors this past May, when Alpine Foam applied 0.5 lb. open cell spray foam to its roof and walls.

“It was a decent size church,” said Corey Hoehn, owner and operator of Alpine Foam. “Its bare metal structure had been sitting for a while and it had no insulation what so ever… it was an empty shell.”

Despite the fact that Iglesia EL Sinai Church was an empty frame of a building, Hoehn said he was confident that they would see excellent results.

“The peak of the roof was 26 feet high, so all work the roof work had to be done off of a scaffolding,” said Hoehn. “The walls had to be scraped and cut even, and all the roofline and most of the walls had to be coated with a thermal barrier since drywall wouldn't be used to cover these areas.”

Through the process of scraping, cutting, climbing, and spraying, Hoehn says that church affiliates were right there to offer a helping hand. Their involvement made the large job of 10,000 square feet of roof, and 10,000 square feet of walls, an easy and smooth process.

The job, which was started in May, took seven days to complete. It took four days to spray the 7-8 sets of open cell Certa Spray 0.5 lb. spray foam from CertainTeed. It took another three days to apply the Flame Seal TB thermal barrier coating. The reason Alpine Foam used open cell spray foam was because closed cell would have been too pricey. The builder also wanted to make sure the space between the 2x6 framing on the exterior walls, and the 2x8 framing on the roofline, would be completely filled.

Alpine Foam first branched away from Alpine Insulation in 2001. “My father and brother ran, and owned, Alpine Insulation in Georgia,” said Hoehn. “We branched away from them and are no longer affiliated with the Georgia branch, which my father sold in 2008.”

Alpine Foam moved to Palm Bay, Florida in 2004, where they now provide insulation services to the entire state. “We do basically all types of insulation but we really focus on the foam,” said Hoehn.

Alpine Foam is a small owner-operated business. According to Hoehn, the small size allows him to keep both eyes on every job, assuring that each is completed to a higher standard.

“We take our time preparing the job site before we start spraying foam,” said Hoehn. “A well prepped job is both easier to spray, and to clean up. We also try to make sure we leave the job sie cleaner than it was when we arrived.”

Because of the company’s small size, Alpine Foam relies heavily on word of mouth. They use minimum advertising, and rely on a good work ethic, a steady flow of referrals, and just the right amount of luck.

“We will always be learning more about our business field, not only in regards to foam, but in all types of insulation,” said Hoehn. “We will always strive to do the best possible job, and we feel we have a positive future with plenty of room for growth.

About Alpine Foam: Alpine Foam uses only the cleanest, safest, effective, and most efficient polyurethane foam insulation on the market today. Specializing in open and closed cell spray foam, as well as many other types of insulation, Alpine Foam services the entire state of Florida. Alpine Foam encourages future cutsomers to research all types of insulation before deciding what materail to use.

For more information about Alpine Foam, please see information provided below.

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