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SPEC Technologies Focuses On Simple, Reliable, American-Built Spray Rigs
The company also provides a full range of equipment and material.
By Ryan Spencer

PEACH TREE CITY, GA–July 5, 2012–When it comes to building spray rigs, some companies go all-out in producing high-end rigs at high-end prices, while others focus on bringing together the bare minimum of equipment necessary to establish an entry-level spray rig. SPEC Technologies LLC, on the other hand, tries to reconcile those two extremes in order to provide its clients with the best possible spray rig solutions.

"We offer a semi-custom trailer at an entry-level price," said SPEC's Tim Nick. "We've got a simple rig that requires minimal maintenance and yields the same results."

SPEC aims for lowering the barriers to entry for its clients, 98% of which are new to the spray foam industry, in Nick's estimate. But cost is just one barrier, with equipment knowledge and application experience being significant as well. SPEC addresses those two concerns with simple, reliable equipment and comprehensive training.

In the company's early days, SPEC drop-shipped (and still does, in some cases) spray rig components to clients, who would then perform the rough assembly. The assembly would be followed up by a visit to the client's location where SPEC would calibrate the equipment, make sure it's in working order, and train the client.

That last aspect, training, is critical to SPEC's operation because, in Nick's estimation, it is how well a contractor can handle a spray rig's inherent mechanical complexities that will determine whether or not they will be successful in the industry. SPEC's training is focused on mitigating the potential pitfalls associated with spray foam equipment, especially with overly intricate spray guns. This is where Nick's previous experience in the industry, as a roofing contractor, comes into play.

"We can't teach you 20 years in 2 days," Nick said, "but when we're done training you, we'll be speaking the same language."

SPEC currently has full-time dedicated spray rig builders working to provide clients with whatever solutions they require. While the company's primary focus is on the entry-level market, SPEC has built fully custom spray rigs fitted with everything from material heaters to diamond-plated flooring. The company equips every spray rig with features like Generac generators, 40cfm air driers, and proportioners made by Spray Foam Equipment (SFE).

"We've never had a machine come back to the shop for servicing and we've never had to go out to service a machine," said Nick, who relates this track record to both SPEC's training and the reliability of SFE's spray machines.

SPEC's relationship with SFE is critical to both businesses, as SPEC is SFE's largest distributor. SPEC prizes the simplicity and reliability of the SFE proportioners, particularly the fact that the machines are American-made, feature no printed circuit boards, and require replacement parts that won't hurt the wallets of the companies' customers.

"It's a bulletproof machine," Nick said. "It's the John Deere tractor of spray foam machines."

SPEC's top-to-bottom attention to detail and focus on quality, American manufacturing have been a boon for its trailer building business.

"Our business has grown 350% in the past 18 months," Nick said.

Beyond spray rigs, SPEC provides everything a spray contractor needs, both in terms of equipment and material. Regarding material, SPEC provides everything from primers and acrylics to polyurea and spray foam.

About SPEC Technologies LLC: SPEC provides solutions for various types of spray applications, from spray foam to priming to protective coatings. Based in Peach Tree City, Georgia, SPEC provides equipment, material and training nationwide. For more information, please use the contact details provided below.

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