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Central Florida Spray Foam LLC. Battles the Heat of Central Florida
Spraying polyurethane foam for a typical retrofit in Florida is no easy task.
By Kaitie Chassé

“This job is extremely tough as it is, like Navy Seal training in a boiling attic,” said Christopher Paoli, co-owner of Central Florida Spray Foam LLC. Paoli, along with his partner Tim Baker, must battle the heat of the sunshine state as they retrofit many Central Florida homes.

“We deal with extreme heat of over 140 degrees,” said Paoli. “This job would make a billy goat puke and most people run for the hills.”

Experts in open and closed cell slab lifting, as well as open cell polyurethane wall fill, Paoli and Baker operate and own Central Florida Spray Foam as a two man team.

“We have learned that the 12 dollar an hour employee just doesn’t cut it in this business, besides two is all you need to run an efficient rig. Anyone else just gets in the way, or steps through the ceiling,” said Paoli.

Since Paoli and Baker run the entire business themselves, it is that much more crucial that they stay healthy. “We survive on coconut water, pickle juice, bananas, and yogurt,” said Paoli. “Coconut water, although more expensive, has 15 times more electrolytes than Gatorade and PowerAde. Plus there are no dyes, fake sugars, or fillers in coconut water.”

Paoli says that the heat is very difficult to master, even with proper hydration and experience. That is why Paoli and Baker use the Tennessee Chill Box with an Allegro bibbed hood. This allows them to go deeper into the attic where breathing would be a challenge without assistance.

“Sometimes we use a Bullard Cooling Vest with the ice pack inserts, but they don’t last long,” said Paoli. “The extra weight is the last thing you want as you’re crawling through a biohazard attic filled with rat poop and all sorts of dead things.”

Paoli says that he and his partner have also spent a considerable amount of time “modifying” equipment.

“We’ve modified the gun tips to shoot farther,” said Paoli. “We’ve learned over the years what stick pumps always seem to fail, and what ones will still pump when encrusted with ISO.”

Paoli and Baker have also added fans underneath the reactor to ensure adequate ventilation, as well as special rubber strappings to wrap the ISO pump into the barrel to keep out moisture.

“I must have re-built my rig 15 times, moving things from here to there for easier barrel loading, or for easier access to the reactor and compressor,” said Paoli. “I also mounted my reactor on rubber pads to avoid damage on the road.”

The headaches are worth it. According to Paoli, Baker makes 3-5 times more, per hour, than the average insulator. “This is a young mans job, my partner is 43 and I am 37. The only reason we get it right is because we profit share. We have everything to lose and everything to gain.”

Paoli and Baker provided services to greater Orlando and the surrounding areas. Central Florida Spray Foam LLC. Has been in business for six years, and Paoli and Baker are authorized contractors by Demilec, CertainTeed, and Burtin Polymer.

About Central Florida Spray Foam LLC.

Serving Greater Orlando and the surrounding areas for Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Central Florida Spray Foam llc. is an owner-operated local business doing our part to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign energy, improve the indoor air quality in our community, and provide the most professional insulation services in the area. We accomplish these goals by taking the time to understand your needs and ensuring that we only offer the highest quality product.

We are an innovative insulation installer using the latest products and techniques to ensure superior energy performance. By researching Independent Studies and Government Reports on Energy and Health issues related to our industry, we have chosen the safest, healthiest and highest performing insulation systems available today.

To contact Central Florida Spray Foam, or visit the website, please see details below.

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