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EnergyWise Solutions Provides Energy Efficiency With Consulting, Contracting and Manufacturing
The company combines sustainability and affordability for its clients.

BATON ROUGE, LA–June 19, 2012–EnergyWise Solutions takes a holistic approach to every project solution it works on. The company's products and services are meant to serve clients who want to make their home, office, facility or grounds more energy efficient. EnergyWise Solutions provided our products and services directly through it's corporate and regional offices, and via it's network of service providers across the U.S.

EnergyWise Solutions utilizes its experience in design, engineering and auditing to find the best energy efficiency solution for each and every one of its clients, and are steadfast in the belief that the is no "one size fits all" solution. Careful consideration is given to each client's preferences, budget, and desires before making recommendations.

For most of the company's clients, it's all about Green. With some, it is most important to have a "green solution" to support sustainability. For others, the "green solution" is warranted only when and if it has a significant impact on their bottom line. We work to find energy efficient solutions that meet both criteria.

Consulting Services: Energy Efficiency Consulting Services
Whether building or remodeling, upgrading or renovating, old or new, EnergyWise Solutions can provide you with the services that help you go green and/or save green. The company has skilled, certified and experienced team members that can not only provide you with an energy efficiency solution, but give you options that will help you make informed decisions as you plan for implementation.

  • EnergyWise Audits–On existing buildings or new ones, an energy audit is a great "first step" to determine where you are, and come up with a prioritized list of how to impact efficiency.
  • EnergyWise Design–Once an energy audit is completed, EnergyWise Solutions can begin designing the energy efficiency components into your project where they fit your needs and budget considerations.
  • EnergyWise Consumption Guarantee–In the residential arena, EnergyWise Solutions will provide you with a MPG sticker for your home, giving you a document that proves your home has met energy efficiency standards, and even providing you with a 3-year energy efficiency guarantee.
  • EnergyWise Building Certification–LEED and Energy Star are just a couple of the most popular certifications, and EnergyWise Solutions can help you plan and achieve those certifications with its certified auditors and LEED Accredited Professionals.

Contracting Services: Insulation & Polyurethane Roofing Installation
Insulation plays an important role in the efficiency of every building and EnergyWise Solutions offers its clients the flexibility of various styles and forms of insulation. The company has served thousands of clients at the residential, commercial, institutional and government levels with its fleet of installation trucks and our network of partners across the U.S. EnergyWise Solutions is also a Lowe's Installed Sales Partner servicing over 80 stores across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

  • Spray Foam Insulation–Interior or exterior, open cell or closed cell spray foam is the most advanced insulation product on the market today, and EnergyWise Solutions has a fleet of large insulation trucks and crews to take on the projects of any size and scope.
  • Fiberglass Insulation–Fiberglass insulation comes in many forms and is still the most widely utilized insulation product being installed. EnergyWise Solutions installs fiberglass in rolled batts, blown-in form, and in strapped systems for metal buildings.
  • Polyurethane Roofing–Think Louisiana Superdome! Polyurethane roofing systems include exterior closed cell roofing foam and elastomeric coatings such as silicone and acrylics that protect and reflect your roof from the sun and elements. EnergyWise Solutions offers roofing systems that include warranties of 10 years or more.

Products: LED Lighting
EnergyWise Solutions has designed and currently manufactures a line of LED's built on reliability and energy savings. EnergyWise Solutions LED's provide beautiful light, minimize maintenance costs from constant bulb replacement, are flexible enough to fit any application, last as long as 100,000 hours, and provide instant savings on electrical costs that are typically over 70%.

  • LED Lighting Design & Engineering–Need to design the proper lighting for your property? EnergyWise Solutions can design and engineer lighting to create a special effect or specific levels based upon your needs and requirements.
  • LED Interior Bulbs–EnergyWise Solutions LED bulbs replace standard incandescent and CFL bulbs in a traditional fashion: they screw in, snap in, or clamp in, just like your existing bulbs do.
  • LED Interior Fixtures–EnergyWise Solutions LED's also come in a full replacement fixture, replacing recessed can lights, T12/T8 troffers, track lights, spot lights, and more.
  • LED Exterior Fixtures–EnergyWise Solutions realizes that exterior spot, area, accent and parking lighting is a major expense for every property and building owner because those lights are on like clock-work, literally: on 12 hours, off 12 hours, and paying major dividends to your electrical service provider. EnergyWise can provide you an LED solution that will take care of your lighting for the next decade, with savings of 70% or more, zero maintenance, and financing/leasing options.

For more information about EnergyWise Solutions, please use the contact details provided below.

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