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cfiFoam Insulates the Walls of the Music City Convention Center in Nashville
The company’s Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation now fills the building’s concrete masonry units.

NASHVILLE, TN–May 24, 2012–With design and construction teams committed to achieving LEED Silver certification, Jackie and Richard Howell, owners of Mid South Insulation located in White House, Tennesee were selected as the preferred subcontractor to insulate the concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls of the Music City Convention Center currently under construction in downtown Nashville. The product of choice for insulating the hollow cores of an estimated 100,000 square feet of CMU wall was cfiFOAM Inc.’s Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation injection foam insulation.

Numerous challenges were faced by Mid South’s two-man crew over the 5-week span required to complete the scope of work. The primary challenge, according to Robert Redferin of Mid South, was on-site access to the work. In order to inject the foam, the crew needed to have access to the many CMU walls both at ground level and using a lift to reach portions of the wall above intermediate bond beams. This often meant moving materials stored by other subcontractors so access could be achieved. Given the estimated 1,000 workers at the job site on a typical day, this presented an ongoing challenge. Additionally, much of the area to be insulated required Mid South to position their foam equipment inside the low-ceiling height parking garage areas. The crew met this challenge by re-configuring their equipment from their normal box-truck to a low-profile open trailer pulled by a pick-up truck in order to access all the areas to be insulated. Through perseverance and determination, the Mid South crew easily accomplished the task of installing the injection foam insulation in a safe and timely manner.

Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation not only enhances the life-of-structure energy efficiency of concrete masonry walls but also improves sound attenuation and contributes significantly to achieving LEED Silver certification because it is a low-VOC, dry-resin, non petroleum-based masonry foam insulation. Installed by drilling small holes in mortar joints every 8 inches along the wall, Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation flows up through the hollow core of the CMU until it reaches the bond beam and then transfers over into the adjacent cavity allowing both the CMU cores and head joints to be insulated with foam. Excess foam is easily swept off the wall/floor followed by patching of the installation holes to match the existing masonry, leaving a seamless installation. After a brief curing/drying time, the injected integral foam insulation is permanent to the wall and will not flow out or settle over time.

When completed in 2013, the 1.2 million square foot, $585 million Music City Convention Center will enable Nashville to join other premium sites that host the largest national and international conventions and trade shows.

About cfiFOAM Inc.: Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, cfiFOAM produces 2-part foam systems that combine a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst to produce a “dry” foam that is unmatched in the industry.All cfiFOAM products are Class I Fire-Rated and have been tested by certified laboratories to comply with all international building codes. The injection foam products offered by cfiFOAM do not use any ozone-depleting chemicals as part of their formulation. For information about cfiFOAM, please use the contact details provided below.

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