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SSP Builds SPF Rigs, Careers at Georgia Facility
SSP brings in customers from all over the US and Canada.
By Ryan Spencer

COVINGTON, GA–May 10, 2012–While Source of Supply in Polyurethanes (SSP) bases its operation out of Florida, the company also has a training and building facility for its SPF trailer systems in neighboring Georgia.

"They're beefed up. Our rigs are built like tanks," said JR, who runs the facility.

JR has been in the the spray foam industry for well over a decade and got his start doing SPF applications in Arizona.

"There's nothing good about being up in an attic in the summer in Phoenix," he said, laughing.

Now, JR builds SSP's spray rigs at the 2500 sq. ft. facility, which is located in the town of Covington.

"Trailers are the majority of our business, but we outfit some box trucks as well," he said.

A typical trailer package is outfitted with everything from a foundational generator/compressor/proportioner trifecta, to assembled fluid and air lines–not to mention a one-man fresh air system.

"They can really just pull up to their first job and start spraying," said JR. "And most of our stuff is really heavy duty, a lot more than what some of the other guys are doing."

SSP's service doesn't stop at delivery, though.

"For everything I put in the spray rigs, I make sure there's good nationwide service available for replacement parts," JR said. "We also offer 24/7 technical support."

JR says he's on call day and night.

"They can call me up and I can walk them through just about any problem over the phone," he said.

Beyond the rigs, JR also instructs new applicators in the ways of spray polyurethane foam–not to mention polyurea. About 70% of the trailers JR builds are for new applicators.

"They're usually pretty green and learn what they can off the internet or," said JR. "So they have some idea, but some have never sprayed a gun, or fired up a machine."

To aid the newcomers, SSP's covington facility has areas where the applicators can practice on different substrates.

"We've built wall assemblies so the guys have something to spray on," JR said.

While spraying polyurethane foam doesn't lend itself to an immediate mastery, JR stands by SSP's training.

"As soon as they leave my shop, they're ready to spray," he said.

About Source of Supply in Polyurethanes: SSP is a premier supplier of SPF foam and equipment. SSP supplies everything from spray foam equipment and material to packaging equipment and material. The company now has offices in New York, Florida, Georgia and California. For more information about SSP, use the contact information and the links below.

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