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Next Gen Introduces Innovative New Machine to Spray Foam Industry
Next Generation Power Engineering and its “Gen-Air-Ator”, a generator and air compressor combo.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - March 27, 2012 - Next Generation Power Engineering has manufactured yet another solution to help spray foam applicators perform with ease and efficiency.

The “Gen-Air-Ator” is a hybrid machine that combines two proven technologies into one. The design is a generator/air compressor combination that is smaller, lighter, quieter and less wasteful than any of its market competitors. It is the only 1800 RPM diesel generator and rotary vane compressor on the market, and it’s available today.

A few key specs:

  • 35 KW 3 Phase Output (Single Phase Optional)
  • 35 CFM @ 150 PSI air output
  • Kubota 4Cyl. 3.6L, Turbo diesel engine
  • Stamford Newage copper wound generator
  • Dry Weight 3 Phase, 1460 Lbs

“The biggest benefit for spray foam contractors is definitely the weight,” said Nick Grittani of Next Gen. The Gen- Air- Ator weighs in at 1460 lbs, a solid 1,000 less than its market competitors. “When you’re building a rig, the equipment can add up to an enormous amount of weight and this alleviates that significantly.”

Grittani also pointed to the simplicity of the machine as a major advantage and selling point. “Because the machine is not belt-driven, its assembly is simpler, less noisy, it doesn’t shake and it requires less maintenance,” he said.

Next Gen’s Gen-Air-Ator directly couples the Gardner Denver “Hydro Vane” rotary vane compressor to a proven powered Kubota gen-set.

  • Simple direct coupled 1800 RPM design eliminates the need for the compressor to be belt-driven.
  • Without a belt drive, the generator - compressor combination becomes one ridged assembly, eliminating the need for a heavy frame.
  • Without the need for a belt drive and frame, the machine is smaller and lighter with less vibration and noise.
  • Direct coupling has no drive efficiency loss giving additional fuel savings.
  • Driving a compressor off the diesel engine eliminates the huge electric motor start/stop loading on the generator, thereby providing a much cleaner output.
  • The cleaner electrical output is much easier on sensitive electronic controls.

The proven “Hydro Vane” rotary vane compressor has been around for 50 years with over 750,000 satisfied customers.

  • Simple sliding vane design uses no roller bearings and can give up to 100,000 hours of service.
  • Warranty can be extended for up to 10 years with the use of genuine Hydro Vane filters and oil.
  • Excellent performance in extreme cold and hot environments.
  • Built in Revs “reduced energy ventilation system” exactly matches air demand, reducing fuel consumption and eliminating the need for a tank.

To learn more about the Gen-Air-Ator, please contact Next Gen at 855-772-5457 or visit the links listed below.

About Next Generation Power Engineering Inc.: Next Generation has provided unique and innovative power solutions to both the marine and industrial markets for over 10 years. The company is based out of Jacksonville, Fla.

Next Generation Power Engineering Inc. - Spray Foam Mobile Spray Rig Generator/Compressor Directory Page

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