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Foam Spray Application
Ohio Mansion Renovation Exemplifies WRI’s SPF Skill
The home’s renovation involved utilizing SPF insulation in place of fiberglass.
By Ryan Spencer

PIQUA, OH - March 23, 2012 - With nearly three decades of experience with spray foam applications, Gerry Wagoner, owner of Piqua, Ohio-based Wagoner Roofing & Insulating Applications (WRI), has been through the industry’s steadily upward rise.

“1985 is when I started Wagoner Roofing Company,” said Wagoner, who now owns the business along with his sons, Dylan and Nathan. “WRI morphed out of that.”

Originally, Wagoner was focused on implementing spray foam for roofing systems.

“I really wasn’t interested in insulation; I just wanted to do roofing,” Wagoner said. “Then, I ended up spraying it in my own garage and thought, ‘Hey, this stuff really works well.”

Wagoner saw the benefits early, but it wasn’t too long before there was a shift in demand. Home and building owners were eager to see SPF’s benefits applied beyond roofing systems.

“Once people found out, they were like ‘Hey, can you spray this and this?’” Wagoner recalled. “Then we started spraying insulation more and more, and now it’s at least half of our business.”

A prime example of the insulation side of the business is a large renovation project WRI completed in 2011.

“We insulated the underside of the slate roof in this large home,” said Wagoner. “And we foamed several of the interior walls they remodeled.”

Considering the accompanying photos, ‘large home’ might be a bit of an understatement. Regardless, the home was built in 1932 and is owned by Bob Jackson of Jackson Tube Service, both of which are also located in Piqua. Jackson’s initiative to renovate the property included upgrading the home’s insulation, which had previously been fiberglass.

With the size of the home also comes the size of the project, which was over 10,000 sq. ft. and took about two years to finish, although the duration had to do with the touch-and-go nature of the remodeling effort.

“We did it in about two years because they would go in phases,” Wagoner said. “They progressed through the project at their pace, and we went at that pace.”

WRI used GacoGreen 0.5 lb. foam from Gaco Western and sprayed it to a thickness of 8” throughout the application. When all was said and done, the project was one of the largest residential applications WRI has completed to date, and much to the owner’s satisfaction.

“He loved it,” said Wagoner. “I ran into him at Home Depot and he wanted to give me a hug.”

But Jackson wasn’t the only one satisfied with the application, as Wagoner recalls his fondest memory of the project had to do with prepping the attic area.

“Bob asked me what to do with the fiberglass and I said, ‘Put it in the dumpster, where it belongs,’” Wagoner recalled, laughing a bit.

So, the fiberglass was vacuumed out and tossed away, enough to fill the renovation’s 40-yard dumpster. This was a sight that anyone in the spray foam industry would relish, Wagoner being no exception. Another highlight was when Wagoner convinced Jackson to do some spraying himself.

“I said, ‘Bob, you should spray a little foam yourself so you can tell your grandkids one day,’” Wagoner said. “He let me talk him into it.”

So, with all parties satisfied, WRI moves on to the next projects, demonstrating the superiority of spray foam with each and every application.

To view more photos of the project, click on the gallery button above.

About Wagoner Roofing & Insulating Applications: WRI is a family-owned company based out of Piqua, Ohio with extensive experience in residential and commercial applications of SPF roofing and insulation. WRI’s service area includes not only Ohio, but Indiana and Kentucky as well. For more information, please use the links provided below.

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