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Foam Spray Application
Texas-Based “Roof Busters” Fights Dilapidation With Spray Foam Insulation
The spray foam contracting company also serves Oklahoma and Kansas.
By Ryan Spencer

FORT WORTH, TX - March 16, 2012 - “We’re not just in repairs, we do the whole thing,” said Huey Curl, owner of Texas Based Spray Foam Roofing (TBSFR).

TBSFR, nicknamed “The Roof Busters,” originally evolved from a farm repair business. The major part of the business involved repairing, by way of patching, tanks and containers that are integral to a farm’s operation. Curl, who now owns the company with Ralph Riley, said that throughout the history of the business, from when his father ran it in the 40’s until the start of this century, repairing involved using various rubber or other elastomeric applications. Then, starting in the 2000’s, Curl started utilizing spray foam for repairs. From this new type application, the business expanded to include spray foam services. Curl likes to highlight the versatility of the company.

“We’ve sprayed everything from bowling alleys to flat-roofed housing to grain elevators,” he said.

Starting out, TBSFR used small, portable spray foam kits, but have operated a full-fledge spray rig, in addition to a boom lift, in recent years. The major SPF equipment was implemented recently, when TBSFR sprayed the interior of a tractor building on a farm near Hillsboro, Texas. The building had previously been un-insulated, a factor that caused temperature issues for the owner.

“When they work on the tractors in the summer and the winter, and it got too hot during the summer and in the winter they could hardly work; they’d practically freeze to death,” Curl said, only half-exaggerating.

The building was in dire need of insulation, so TBSFR was contracted to spray 0.5 lb. foam--supplied by Premium Spray Products, their principal supplier--over the interior walls. The substrate was to be sprayed to a thickness of 2”, but TBSFR went above and beyond that mark.

“It was supposed to be two inches, but we ended up putting three or four on there,” Curl said. “We wanted them satisfied.”

In addition to the wall insulation, the building required an application of 3 lb. SPF to the roof. However, in another example of TBSFR’s versatility, the roofing foam was spray to the underside of the roof, to conform with the customer’s wishes.

“We could have spray the top of the roof and sealed it,” explained Curl. “But they didn’t want to re-coat it every 6 or 7 years.”

So, the tractor building was sprayed top to bottom and all around, much to the satisfaction of the owner, who echoes the general sentiment of TBSFR’s customers.

“They’re liking it real well,” Curl said. “They could tell the difference.”

Curl also wanted to make sure to credit Jim Peterson of Spray Foam Nation with fostering TBSFR's success.

"He's my best equipment supplier and tech support," Curl said. "I couldn't run it without him."

About Texas Based Spray Foam Roofing: TBSFR is a family owned and operated business serving Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. TBSFR has decades of experience in roofing installations, repairs and spray foam in industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential applications. For more information, please use the links below.

Texas Based Spray Foam Roofing Directory Page

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