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Kohls Foam Systems Recruited Twice by Hometown for Public Utility Projects
The Norwood Young America-based contractor roofed a water treatment facility three years after servicing a waste treatment facility.

NORWOOD YOUNG AMERICA, MN - April 26, 2012 - SPF roofing systems are the undisputed choice for the City of Norwood Young America in Minnesota, with much thanks to Kohls Foam Systems. After Kohls re-roofed a leaky waste treatment facility back in 2007, the city insisted that its latest public utility structure, a water treatment plant, be built to last with spray foam.

Kohls Foam Systems is a contractor that offers services in spray foam insulation, spray foam roofing, and weatherization. Although Kohls has installed SPF roofs all over the US, these particular projects were based in the company’s headquarters in Minnesota. The two brothers behind Kohls were able to lend their expertise - and the superior quality of spray foam - to a project that will make their own city utility structures more sustainable and built to last.

The first collaboration, in 2007, involved the renovation of a public waste treatment facility. The original roof utilized a rubber roofing system and was prone to leaks.

“The roof leaking was very detrimental, because of computers and other electrical equipment located inside,” said Bruce Kleaver, a sales representative for Kohls Foam Systems. “With the SPF roofing we alleviated that, and also saved the city a huge sum of money.”

In 2011, a new water treatment plant was under construction in the city. The original plan called for another rubber roofing system, similar to the one that performed so miserably at the waste treatment facility. City officials rejected this plan, and instead called for another SPF job by the team at Kohls Foam Systems.

“The City of Young America basically insisted that the spec be changed to a spray foam roof,” said Kleaver.

Kohls was called in as a subcontractor by Di-Mar Construction, Inc., who had won the bid to head up the total construction project. Kohls was the chosen contractor because of its superior service to the city in 2007, Kleaver said.

The job was completed in under two weeks in the fall of 2010. A team from Kohl’s applied three inches of BASF FE 348 closed-cell foam to the 7,626 square-foot roof. On top of this, they applied a silicone base provided by BASF. A white topcoat, embedded with Sesco Roofing Granules, was the last step, transforming the concrete substrate into a leak free, cool-roof system built for longevity and sustainability.

The water treatment facility was up and running in mid-2011.

About Kohls Foam Systems:

Located in the Twin Cities, MN, Kohls Foams Systems has applied polyurethane foam roofing systems on thousands of buildings for companies across the nation. Brothers Pat & John Kohls and their roofing crews have been providing high quality roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings for over 20 years. Kohls Foam Systems specializes in spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems for commercial and industrial roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, traditional and irregularly shaped roofs. For more information, please visit the links listed below.

Kohls Foam Systems Directory Page

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