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Mac Leads: 20 Years of Custom, Tailored Sales Prospects
The company owner and two satisfied contractors talk about the successful lead-generation service.

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA - February 17, 2012 - As Mac Leads enters its 21st year of operation, owner Bill MacHale has reason to be pleased. The made-to-order, telephone-based lead generation service has flourished into several industries and shows real results: phone calls that turn into jobs. Here, two spray foam contractors explain how the service has helped their business.

First, how it all works: Mac Leads targets selected zipcodes of the contractor’s choice, and contacts all homes via telephone. The computer-generated call asks homeowners to participate in an optional energy survey. The location-tailored script explains how homeowners can lower utility bills and take advantage of local and federal rebate offers on home improvements.

“We feel that by mentioning that prominently in the message, we are creating more of an incentive for the homeowner. They are learning how they can directly benefit from the experience,” said MacHale.

If a customer is interested in having an energy consultation by a spray foam contractor, they can leave their contact information. This contact information is subsequently passed along to the contractor, who can move forward with setting an appointment.

Carey Moore, owner at USA Insulation Chicago- Addison, has been using the service for a couple years. Moore cited a specific campaign in 2010, in which a local gas company was offering an incentive program. Mac Leads tailored the phone script to mention the specific rebate offer.

“We were having about 36,000 phone calls placed a week,” Moore said, “and we consistently got 7-12 sets of contact information every morning for people that responded to the call.” He estimated that they made $100,000 in job profits from this promotion.

Moore said that mentioning current tax credits, incentives and potential energy reductions gives the calls an edge and adds to customer interest and, ultimately, motivation to make a purchase.

Chris Holmes, owner of USA Insulation Detroit, agrees.

“Our big driving force for sales in this market is consumer efficiency,” he said. “A lot of time local utility companies will offer rebates for home services, and in our phone calls we let homeowners know how these programs work and how to save money.”

Holmes has enlisted the Mac Leads service since May 2011, and noted that the leads he receives are in fact quality leads that often turn into jobs. Because the recipient of the phone call has already expressed interest, and learned about specific benefits, the leads are easily translated into sales.

“The potential customers have nothing to lose besides paying money to a utility company. We’re bringing that message straight to people,” said MacHale. “We are tapping people on the shoulder on behalf of our customers.”

About Mac Leads:

Established in 1991, Mac Leads is a lead generation company that has been in business for nearly 20 years. For more information about Mac Leads, please click on the link below to visit the company's website.

To find out more about USA Insulation Chicago-Addison or USA Insulation Detroit, please visit the links listed below.

Mac Leads Directory Page

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