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Premium Spray Products, Inc. Serves Up Hot Leads to Contractor Base
The spray foam manufacturer recently added to its lead-generation network, which it uses to bolster the business of its customers.

MARIETTA, GA - January 31, 2012 - Premium Spray Products, Inc. has become a major player in the spray foam manufacturing industry, and built a loyal customer base to boot with their rewarding stewardship system.

Premium, which previously had exclusive rights to 15 region-specific lead-generation networks from, recently added to its roster, a massive network that includes 74 separate, regional roofing Web sites. Visitors to these sites that express interest in spray foam insulation are passed along to Premium’s client base as leads. Leads that are fresh, time-sensitive, and local.

Leads that turn into jobs.

“We strive to go above and beyond just manufacturing a product,” said Moody Ozier, Account Manager at Premium Spray Products. “We are providing these leads as a value-added service to our customer base.”

When interested parties visit sites like or, they have the option to either fill out a form online, or call a toll-free number. Ozier explained that Premium has an answering service available 24 hours a day to collect basic information about the customer’s interests and needs. Premium’s customer relationship management system will then take the information from either the phone call or the online form to determine the most relevant contractor from their client base, both geographically and logistically.

The bottom line, Ozier said, is that “we will have the lead information to the relevant contractor within 15 minutes of the initial contact.”

“On the Internet, it’s about the speed. If you don’t contact them immediately, the lead will have moved along to the next place,” he explained.

The acquisition of comes in the wake of last year’s success with Premium’s network of region-based Web sites for general spray foam contractors.

Ozier cited Ridge Stockdale’s extensive professional history in the roofing industry as another motivating factor for adding the network. Stockdale joined the Premium team last fall as Senior Marketing Strategist, and is managing the roofing market for Premium.

“It just makes sense for us to tap into that network under his leadership,” Ozier said.

“We’ve had such good luck with the system, which is generating leads for our contractor network. When we were presented with the opportunity to get into the roofing sector of that operation, we went for it.”

Anthony Roibes of SprayFoam Etc is a prime example. The spray foam contractor started receiving leads from Premium, its spray foam supplier, six months ago.

“I’m very happy with what they do for us,” Roibes said. He services all of the southeastern US, and said that he has received leads from South Carolina to Georgia to Kentucky. He cited a particularly large military-commissioned job in Fort Benning, GA, that earned SprayFoam Etc. $40,000.

“It’s a win-win situation all around,” Roibes said. “The more selling opportunities they can give us, the more foam we need to buy. The more foam we need to buy, the more successful they are. It makes sense.”

Hayes Griffin, of Alpine Renovations, certainly agrees. The spray foam contractor started receiving leads from Premium last fall, and has since completed half a dozen jobs as a result of them.

“The leads I receive from Premium are always ‘warm’,” Griffin said. “The people are always very interested.”

Alpine Renovations, which is located in northeast Atlanta close to Premium headquarters, has been buying Premium products for two years and could not be more satisfied. Griffin said that during the first phases of their business relationship, he was able to visit the offices to receive technical support.

“I had questions about the products in the beginning and they have staff on hand to help,” Griffin said. “Every single thing I have to say about them is positive, from the quality of the product to the leads.”

Griffin said he was confident that Premium’s lead generation networks will continue to provide him with a business made to last. “The listing I have on and the support I get from Premium is the only promotional efforts I do. It’s all I need.”

“What it comes down to is this: if our contractors aren’t making sales, then they won’t be doing business with us, either. This is our way to help in that regard,” said Ozier. “We support their business, the same way they support ours.”

About Premium Spray Products, Inc. Based in Marietta, Georgia, Premium Spray Products manufactures spray foam systems for use in homes, office buildings, institutions, and agricultural structures. They are well known for their Foamsulate™ brand of closed-cell and open-cell foam systems. Premium Spray Products utilizes renewable and environmentally friendly products where possible, and are dedicated to providing their spray foam contractor base with the “green” products that customers now demand.

For more information about Premium Spray Products, Inc. please visit the links listed below.

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