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Posted: 11/20/2007 7:22 PM EST


GX7 valving rod adjustment
Can you give me some information on how to maintain the valving rod adjustment the GX-7.



Senior Administrator
Posted: 11/21/2007 8:18 AM EST

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RE: GX7 valving rod adjustment
This would depend on the specific GX-7 in use. Do you know whether you are using the standard GX-7, GX-7-400, or the newer GX-7 DI gun?

It also one of the the most critical set-up operations of that gun. FYI, the procudere in the manual is not necessarily correct either.

Dudley Primeaux and Doug Commette (me) recently developed a new spray gun training DVD series that covers this procedure in all guns. We only have the GX-7-400 DVD completed at this point.


Posted: 11/21/2007 8:49 AM EST


RE: GX7 valving rod adjustment
I am very familiar with the GX 7A and GX7 400 models and the manual instructions work well for that model.

The important thing to note is that if the valving rod is adjusted too far forward it will damage the pattern control disc causing an irregular pattern and if it is too far back it will cause a spit of off ratio foam every time you trigger.

With the gun in the service position and the air on, pressurize the air cylinder forward in the closed position. Then loosen the forward stop locknut. (this is the one on top of the gun). Loosen the forward stop nut (Counter clockwise)
(this is the nut surrounding the valving rod as it comes out of the air cylinder). Slowly tighten the nut forward until a snug resistance is felt. Then loosen the nut approximately 1/16 of a turn. This should have the valving rod in the correct position.

I am not familiar with the GX 7 -DI model so do not know if the manual instructions work well.

But here they are:

"Valving rod requires adjustment in only the following instances:
disassembly and service of the air cylinder
changing valving rod
changing mixing module

1. clean gun according to Clean Spray Gun Procedure
2. Connect air supply to gun
3. Loosen rear seal retainer assembly one or two turns.
4. Loosen locknut from valving rod three or four turns.
5. Set safety stop to OPEN.
6. Use 5/16 in. nut driver through rear of gun to thread valving rod forward to engage PCD. When valving rod contacts PCD tighten another 1/10 turn.
7. Carefully maintain position of valving rod and tighten locknut against piston rod.
8. Retighten rear seal retainer assembly.

I know the first procedure works well, I have not tried the other.

I would appreciate your experiences on the GX7-DI

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