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Posted: 11/13/2011 8:28 PM EST

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WINTER IS HERE.. ?'s about extreme cold foams
Does anybody know about or tried SWD's CC that you can supposedly spray on 28 degree substrate? Or what about Demislackers Super Winter Blend at 14? Maybe I'm just a doubter but Demilec's claim really makes me wonder considering we used to spray Heatlok Soy and seemed to need the substrate about 10 degrees warmer than they spec'd. just saying................


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Posted: 11/13/2011 9:00 PM EST


RE: WINTER IS HERE.. ?'s about extreme cold foams
I watched a demo in Reno at the SPFA show last Febuary. It was a 21 degree morning. There rep sprayed a light pass and it seemed ok. A couple of sprayers from the crowd tried it. Seems like 1" to 1-1/4" passes at best would work. One sprayer layed a 2-1/2" pass down and it popped off the wall just like any other foam.Then they were advertising lower temps. I see now they advertise 28 degree substrate. I like the Bayer Polar, rated for 30 degrees and it really does work.



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Posted: 11/14/2011 6:39 PM EST


RE: WINTER IS HERE.. ?'s about extreme cold foams
We have not sprayed any of the above mentioned foams, but we have sprayed Dow successfully at about 23 degrees. Tried it at 18 and it had bonding issues.
NCFI we have sprayed at about 15 degrees successfully and the rep says that it can be sprayed to single digits, but we have not tried it that low nor do we want to. The above examples are 16" o.c. wood framed cavities and sheeting. I usually only install at 1" lifts or so when it's real cold and picture frame each cavity.

I haven't tried spraying to block or anything else that cold. We did have to play with the temps a bit, but nothing too out of the ordinary.
I can't remember how bad the yields suffered, I might hafta look it up as winter is comin fast.

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