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Posted: 6/03/2012 4:28 PM EST


Water damage problem

I have an unconventional house built 25 years ago with 4" of mixed open and closed cell foam insulation throughout. And I'm having water damage. Because you are "foam roof" experts, I got the crazy idea that you might be able to help me assess my problem and come up with a workable solution. So it is a long story, but I'll list some of the key facts and perhaps, if you feel you can add useful input to my problem, we could talk on the phone or something. I want to solve this problem properly now, rather than have to re-do it again in 5-10 years.
There are several unique things about the house:
1. It is round with a low pitched roof
2. There are 6-8' overhangs around most of the house.
3. I originally used roll roofing to roof it 25 years ago and it began to leak in about 12 years.
4. I reroofed it about 8 years ago using 50 year shingles and overlapped them on the sides rather than butting them (how could you butt shingles on round roof?)
5. I surmise that we are having significant ice dammming on the NE corner of the house, and maybe in some other places. Water drips into the room there, making its way through some holes created by Carpenter Ants.
6. We treated for the ants in 2007, but began seeing them again this spring.
7. Removed a large ceiling panel to see water tracks coming from the little ant holes, sawed out the foam there and found my 3/4 plywood was black in color, soaked through and rotting.
8. I panicked.

So, if you can be of help in solving the problem, I'd appreciate a reply and suggestions for proceeding.

Also, I have thought it would be a good idea to pull a few more roof panels in other rooms to see if the damage is also there. I thought if I drill up to the deck, I could examine it using a flashlight and then fill the exploratory holes again with foam. I have 2 questions about this, too:
1. Have you done this and could you recommend the best drill bit or tool to do the digging.
2. How could I refoam it? I tried some of the hardware store foam in my original hole and because the can must be tipped down, the whole process was a mess and impossible to really fill in the hole easily and properly.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

Ian K


Posted: 6/04/2012 2:41 PM EST


RE: Water damage problem

You need to have a roofing professional assess your situation. This is not a project for DIY. A good resource for roof consultants is the Roof Consultants Institute. Contact RCI for a list of roof consultants in your area.

Due to the unusual configuration, your roof would be a good candidate for a foam roof after the decking is evaluated and replaced as needed. You haven't mentioned where the building is, but a list of foam roofers is available at spray foam.com and spray foam.org


Q&A Forums Registered User
Posted: 6/04/2012 3:35 PM EST


RE: Water damage problem

Thanks for your reply and the suggestion. I very much appreciate your response.



Q&A Forums Registered User
Posted: 6/10/2012 9:10 AM EST


RE: Water damage problem
Not to intrude, but I if I may suggest on the store bought cans of spray foam, you can get some clear vinyl tubing that slides onto the straw. This will allow you to hold the can upside down while getting the foam where you want it. Obviously, this is no substitute for expert advise such as Mason gives!


Q&A Forums Registered User
Posted: 6/10/2012 12:11 PM EST


RE: Water damage problem
I was wondering if that would work; I already bought some tubing, but haven't tried it yet. It is helpful to know that someone else has done this. Thanks.

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