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Protective Coatings
Psi Combats Corrosion - a Natural Dilemma With Spray Polyurethane Foam and Protective Coatings

Unique Coatings Technology Stops Corrosion and Protects the Environment

Preferred Solutions, Inc. (PSI), manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam and coatings technology, is at the forefront of corrosion protection using SPF and coatings.

Corrosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Like other natural disasters such as earthquakes or severe weather disturbances, corrosion can cause dangerous and expensive damage to everything from automobiles, home appliances, and drinking water systems to pipelines, bridges and public buildings. Over the past 22 years, the US has suffered 52 major weather-related disasters – including hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, floods, fires, droughts and freezes – incurring total normalized losses of more than $380 billion (averaging $17 billion annually). According to the current US corrosion study, the total estimated direct cost of corrosion in the United States is a staggering $276 billion annually – approximately 3.1% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). [1]

These costs involve nearly every US industry sector, from infrastructure and transportation to production and manufacturing. While substantially reducing these expenses is a leading concern, corrosion prevention and control is also critical to protecting public safety and the environment.

Preferred Solutions, Inc. (PSI) is at the forefront of this natural dilemma, with a unique technology that not only stops corrosion, but protects the environment as well. PSI, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is the developer and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam and coatings technology for specialty interior applications. Stayflex™ Corrosion Control and Thermal Insulation Systems are unique solutions, used in a variety of building types, to lower construction, operating and maintenance costs. Stayflex™ Systems are unique in that they provide a thermal insulation as well as corrosion control, offering many advantages and cost savings.

The unique, long-term ability of Stayflex™ Systems to minimize the substrate’s exposure to oxygen, moisture and chemical vapors, eliminating the repair-and-replace cycle of building components in corrosive environments. This saves critical maintenance costs as well as lost production time.

Using a spray-applied two layer polymer composite, PSI’s system is comprised of seamless polyurethane foam, Staycell™, and a resin-based fire resistant thermal barrier coating, Stayflex™. The Staycell™ polyurethane foam is applied as the first layer to stop condensation and conserve energy with a thermal resistance rating (R-value) of 6.3 per inch. It expands during cure, eliminating concealed spaces and horizontal ledges where moisture and chemical vapors collect. Staycell™ is highly adhesive, lightweight, and strong and is applied with minimal surface preparation. One inch of Staycell™ can reduce heat or cold transmission up to 85%.

The Stayflex™ thermal barrier coating is applied as the second layer over the Staycell™ polyurethane foam. It has low permeability, excellent chemical resistance and durability to keep chemical vapors, moisture and air from affecting the foam and protected substrates.

Polyurethane foam is the material of choice for thermal insulation and condensation control with an insulation value nearly twice that of polystyrene foam and fiberglass blanket insulation. Building codes and insurance regulations require that it be fire retardant and covered with a fire protective surface known as a thermal barrier. The complete foam and coating system must be fire tested in the thickness and configuration intended for use. According to PSI, the Stayflex™ thermal barrier coating is the only spray-applied, resin-based surface applied over polyurethane foam that meets the acceptance criteria of the full-scale fire test procedures required by the national building codes.

While other materials exist that can be sprayed over polyurethane foam and provide adequate fire safety, they generally are either cement-based or fiber-based, making them highly permeable to air and moisture. These other materials are not suitable for use in wet, high humidity or chemically strong environments because they allow moisture and chemical vapors to pass, detrimentally affecting the foam and covered substrates. In addition, these materials cannot be washed and are not USDA/FDA compliant. Accordingly, Stayflex™ Systems provide numerous benefits in food processing and storage facilities.

Another unique property of Stayflex™ Systems are they can be sprayed at cold temperature because the products do not contain water. Additionally, minimal or no surface preparation is needed due to the thickness, strength and excellent adhesion of Stayflex™ Systems to virtually any substrate. No abrasive blasting speeds installation time, saving money on labor costs and greatly simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements. The Stayflex™ thermal barrier coating can even be color-matched to most any color.

Applicable to structural steel, roof decks, ceilings, tanks, ductwork, piping, primary applications for Stayflex Systems include:

  • Thermal Insulation/Condensation Control
  • Corrosion Control
  • Ceiling Finishes
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Moisture Protection/Mold Control
  • Lead Paint & Asbestos Control

Investigation of the long-term performance of the Stayflex™ Corrosion Control and Thermal Insulation System was reported in an 18 year performance study by World International Testing, Inc. The study found the system performed as specified and is an excellent alternative to frequent and costly steel replacement. It further certified that the test data supports the prediction of steel protection in excess of 40 years. Joseph Bressler stated in the study, “…plant engineers can now reduce projected maintenance budgets and reduce hazardous material exposure related to abrasive blasting and surface preparation. Finally due to the long-term effectiveness of this system a decrease in down time can be realized, along with maximized plant production.”

PSI was recognized by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance at the SPFA’s Annual Convention in 2007 for their innovative uses of Stayflex™ Systems. Also acknowledging PSI’s innovative technology are current users of Stayflex™ Systems who come from Industrial, Commercial, Water Treatment, Food Processing, Government, Educational and Institutional industries. These customers include Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin, Campbell Soup Company, Smithfield Foods and University of Cincinnati to name a few. Without the Stayflex™ thermal barrier coating, polyurethane foam would never be used in most of these harsh environments.

Stayflex™ Systems have mostly been used in retrofitting existing construction but according to John Stahl, President and CEO of PSI, more recently they are seeing its products specified for new buildings. The average consumer is getting more interested in polyurethane foam. With the high demand to build more energy-efficiently, environmentally conscious, architects are moving more quickly towards “green” building designs. It is forcing them to look at materials and design for function in addition to appearance. The proper design that incorporates innovative uses for polyurethane foam can lead to significant cost savings through corrosion prevention and energy efficiency. With the ability of Stayflex™ Systems to pay for itself through energy savings, the building owner obtains corrosion control at no cost – a tough sales proposition to overcome for other insulation or coating systems.

Corrosion is a real dilemma affecting every industry in the US from infrastructure and transportation to production and manufacturing. However, corrosion can be controlled and it appears, through its unique technology utilizing spray polyurethane foam, PSI is leading the way!

For more information, contact Preferred Solutions, Inc. (PSI) at 800-522-4522 or visit their website at www.stayflex.com.

More Photos:

Uncoated Roof with Corrosion

Coated Roof Protected with PSI Stayflex™ and Staycell™

[1] “Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States.” Publication No. FHWA-RD-01-156. NACE® International.

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