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Business Directory Listing for Material and Equipment Suppliers maintians the ONLY Global Spray Foam and Coatings Industry Buyer’s Guide & Supplier Directory of its kind. Say goodbye to Yellow Page ads and Magazine advertising, because the POWERFUL Buyer’s Guide is Here!

Get Listed in our POWERFUL Supplier Directory and receive 4 valuable marketing services for one low monthly price.

  1. Your company gets a mini website with full manage/edit control right inside of
  2. Get Bonus Links in major search engineslike Google, and increased website SEO performance
  3. Get full Business PR Publishing capabilities - Post Training Events, Weekly Promotions, Products and more
  4. Powerful Statistical Tracking Software to track the success of all advertising and PR campaigns

Only $249/Month - No annual contract required.

Actual Supplier Directory Listing Supplier Directory Listing

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Here is What You Get with Your Featured Supplier Directory Listing:
  • Your very own Built-in Company Web Page inside 
    • (A great alternative for those without a website)
    • (A great supplement for those already with a website)
  • Add Your Company Logo 
  • Add a Company Tagline - Powerful Search Engine Results 
  • Full Contact Info - Address, Phone, Fax, Website, E-mail 
  • Full Company Description with Hyperlinks Capability 
  • Self-Administration - Update Your Listing At Any Time
  • Includes Self-Publishing Promotions and Product Catalogs
  • Track "Page Visit" and "Click-Through" Performance Stats 
  • List under Multiple Industry categories (includes 10) 
  • Improve Your Company's Search Engine Ranking - is Number One #1 Ranked on Yahoo, Google and more
Powerful Spray Foam Supplier Directory Pricing & Options:
  • Supplier Directory Base Price: $249 / month
  • OPTIONAL: $249 / month
    PR Publishing - Includes Self-Publishing Announcements, Events, Videos and PDF Documents all linked to your Business Directory Listing
  • OPTIONAL: $399 / month
    Banner Ads Package - Includes three (3) 300 x 100 size targeted banner ads on virtually any page on the website
    • Want more than three (3) banner ads?
    • Add an extra $149 / month for each additional ad
  • OPTIONAL: $149 / month
    E-Mall PayPal Online E-commerce for all your Products and Services
  • OPTIONAL: Additional Categories in the Global SPF Supplier Directory
    • Five (5) Extra categories: $49 / month
    • Ten (10) Extra categories: $69 / month


Additional Features:

  • Add pages to your built-in webpage
  • Add video to your built-in webpage with optional PR publishing
  • Post Job Profiles complete with photo and description with optional PR publishing
  • Add a Blog to your Listing * (must be maintained)

We designed this search engine to service both the Contractor and Product Supplier communities. We have over 100 different product and business categories that encompass the entire spray foam, coatings, equipment, materials and technical services segments.

All Listings are searchable by Name, Country, State, and Buyer’s Guide Category. All companies can be listed under multiple categories (10 categories standard). Each Search Listing is linked to a Full Page Detailed Area, with their contact, and optional program information. Depending on the Listing Type, More or Less information will be displayed in both the Search Results and the Detailed Listing Page.

Discounted Annual Pricing:
SUPPLIERS – ONLY = 15% Discount

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