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Attention Contractors – Need the right coatings solution when SPF is not an option?

AWS Met-A-Gard and Ure-A-Sil Roof Restoration Systems

American WeatherStar (AWS) has always prided itself on offering roofing contractors across the nation the best liquid applied roof coatings and spray foam roofing materials at competitive prices. Now AWS has gone even further and is please to offer complete, easy to apply roofing systems for restoring any commerical metal or flat roof to good as new condition. These new liquid applied systems, available exclusively from AWS, are the AWS Met-A-Gard Proven Metal Roof Restoration System for metal roofs and the AWS Ure-A-Sil Roof Premium Flat Roof Restoration System for almost every other type of roof substrate.

American WeatherStar Met-A-Gard Proven Roof Restoration System American WeatherStar Ure-A-Sil Premium Flat Roof Restoration System

Click here for more details.

Click here for more details.

  • Excellent Adhesion

  • Superior UV Stability

  • Extremely Durable

  • Single Component

  • Apply With Standard Equipment

  • Superior Adhesion

  • Fast Drying

  • Handles Ponded Water

  • Single Component

  • Apply With Standard Equipment

They can also qualify for a long term, AWS backed warranty that, with regular maintenance, can be renewed for years to come through the American WeatherStar StarGard+ Warranty Program. This type of renewable warranty gives you an adavantage over your competition and keeps your customer happy, safe, and dry.

To learn more about the AWS Met-A-Gard and AWS Ure-A-Sil Roof Restoration Systems and all of the benefits that come with being an approved AWS Dealer, visit or contact us at - 855-829-9810

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