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Pinnacle West Enterprises Inc.
      Spray Foam & Protective Coatings

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Canada - Western
31897 Mercantile Way
Abbotsford,   British Columbia   V2T4C3

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Phone: 800-901-0088
Fax: 604-854-5918
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Company Overview

Pinnacle west Enterprises Inc.

Incorporated in 1998, Pinnacle West Enterprises Inc. has grown product by product, serving the sprayed-on coatings and spray foam insulation industry with innovative solutions. From manufacturing to distribution, PINNACLE delivers high quality professional grade products to the industry's leading applicators.

PINNACLE maintains its international headquarters in Abbotsford B.C. Canada, servicing clients across the globe with honesty and integrity. Backed by a diverse team of well-trained professionals we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality, service and satisfaction.

Company Divisions

Pure Poly
Pure Poly Website
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Pure Poly - Chemicals, Equipment, Parts & Supplies
PUREPOLY is our flagship website, since 1998 we are one of the original coatings and spray foam suppliers on the internet! Our e-commerce site has become the web's #1 online resource simply by fulfilling the unique supply demands of the dynamic protective coatings and spray foam marketplace.

To meet industry demands we've built an appealing, easy-to-navigate secure online storefront. Through PINNACLE, PUREPOLY provides a fully staffed customer service center along with a professional technical support team to provide unparalleled value to our customers.

Spray Blue
Pure Poly Website
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Pure Poly - Online Graco & GlasCraft Parts Store
PURE POLY is our e-commerce section dedicated to Graco and GlasCraft equipment and supples. With over 45,000 parts available for purchase online. Every part is listed in detailed drawings or you can search by part number using the powerful search function, making finding the right part for your machine a simple process.

With our Customer Rewards Program, registered members can earn points, as well as other exclusive opportunities towards making purchases on our website.

Spray Foam
Spray Foam Website
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Spray Foam - Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing
SPRAYEDFOAMINSULATION is our site dedicated to the spray foam insulation industry, providing information for the applicator, design pro, contractor and consumer. We offer outstanding technical and sales support to existing applicators as well as clients looking to enter the SPF market.

Foam insulation spray systems distributed by PINNACLE are in high demand, as green building initiatives develop and the cost of energy increases, spray foam insulation, spray foam roofing and protective coatings will continue to offer design professionals and builders a high-performance alternative to traditional roofing and insulation materials.

Indy Liner
Indy Liner Website
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Indy Liner - Authorized Dealer Network
INDYLINER is our authorized dealer network, focused mainly on the spray-on bedliner market. Indy offers the highest quality products, supplies and marketing materials, backed by a team of professionals committed to helping your business succeed.

INDYLINER offers a unique opportunity for exponential growth in the protective coatings industry like never before. Whether you are an existing spray coatings applicator or looking for a complete start-up package as an add-on profit center, INDYLINER is dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level through professional products, support and service with integrity and experience.


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