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TPR2 - Thermal Product Research
      Spray Foam Thermal Barriers, Ignition Barriers, Vapor Barriers - Code Approved. Taking fire technolo

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36 Plains Road
Essex,   Connecticut   06426
United States

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Phone: 860-767-8772
Fax: 860-767-8779
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Thank you for visiting TPR2’s FIRESHELL® products page, a small part of TPR2’s Fire protection technologies. 

We are a company developed to provide revolutionary products and solutions for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues that a multiple of industries face today. TPR2 proprietary formulations, unique product compositions and rapid, custom solutions build a strong foundation for cost effective, creative, quick-response solutions to suit our customers needs. 

We are consistently a leader in the Foam coating industry, with multiple first and unmatched accolades. We were the first to achieve NFPA 286 thermal barrier with foam systems and first to comply with NFPA 101.  We offer multiple coating solutions for sprayfoam including thermal barrier, ignition barrier and even exterior grade intumescent coatings…products no one else offers.  We are the only coating company on foam which is AQMD listed.

Fireshell® F10E: A full 15-minute thermal barrier coating for foam systems. Meets Interior surface thermal barrier requirements. Certified  NFPA 286 tested and complying with IBC, IRC and NFPA safety Codes. Fully certified for multiple densities and thickness of sprayfoams. 

Fireshell® F1E: highly ductile Ignition barrier coating for foam which is weatherproof, exterior grade, highly scrub resistant and can meet <1 perm.

Fireshell® IB 4: Interior NFPA 286 (AC377) approved ignition barrier coating, which can be applied as little as 4mil dry. Certified on multiple foam substrates, thicknesses and densities. Can achieve coverage costs below 30 cents per ft2 with the easiest setup and cleanup.

Our coatings have excellent adhesion, are 1 part waterbased and apply with the highest yields in the field, saving you, the applicator more time and money on your installed costs. 

Unmatched benefits for all your foam spray jobs include:

  • High, field verified, yields
  • Free certified applicator training with referral opportunities for certified clients.
  • Thermal barrier coatings at up to 90 ft2/gal 
  • Ignition barrier coatings at up to 125 ft2/gal
  • Lower cost per square foot installed costs.
  • Bulk user price discount programs.
  • 1 part, waterbased, and single application.
  • Stirs and sprays like paint with easy, fast cleanup of water. 
  • Weather resistant systems for garages, overhangs, commercial jobs
  • Multiple solutions – approved on fiberglass foam core walls, foam panels as well as sprayfoam.
  • Easiest system to set up/ break down
  • Non toxic, no formaldehyde
  • Lowest VOC of any major thermal coating.  
  • AQMD listed Product and multiple LEED point capable

We are American owned and American made, so your money stays in the USA. Our proprietary product offerings are so superior, companies have joint partnered with us for customized coating for their specific foam solutions…another unmatched achievement in the foam coating world.

We supply free sprayer certification programs, discounted prices on large orders, deep discounts as well as cost credits for bulk , contract customers as well as job referrals to our approved applicators…something no other intumescent coating company provides.

Be part of the revolution that other contractors, applicators and even foam companies have joined. You are just one phone call away from becoming more educated, better trained and a more competitive business..

You can order direct here for direct discounts from TPR2.

LEARN MORE TODAY !   888-704-2445


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