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DEMILEC USA LLC® - Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems Manufacturer
      Demilec - Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems Manufacturer

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US National
3315 E. Division Street
Arlington,   Texas   76011
United States

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Phone: 817-640-4900
Fax: 817-633-2000
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Demilec USA World Class Manufacturer of Spray Polyurethane Foam

Demilec develops and manufactures some of the most popular and highest-performing spray foam insulation and polyurea products in the world. We compliment these items with our industry leading training services and complete line of professional trailers, auxiliary equipment and spray foam proportioning units and spare parts.

We here at Demilec are focused on the future. In the past decade, we have been honored as an industry leader for manufacturing residential and commercial spray foam insulation that is effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. We pioneered Green insulation products made of renewable resources such as soy and recycled plastics. Our lead products such as Demilec APX, Sealection® 500Sealection Agribalance®, and Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus comprise a firm promise for a bright future.

Following our commitment to environmental protection and improvement, Demilec has supplemented Sealection® 500, our premium spray foam insulation, with more green foam insulation products that are based in renewable and recyclable products. Our green insulations, Sealection Agribalance® and Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus, provide superior performance and durability that far exceed the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

Sealection® 500 is a non-toxic open-celled spray foam insulation which has undergone extensive testing and meets the intent of all building code requirements. Sealection® 500 reduces airborne noise and dust making it the healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity. Sealection® 500 is the smart choice for healthy living.

Based in renewable natural resources, 
Sealection Agribalance® sets new standards of quality, energy-efficiency and performance for builders, architects, contractors and homeowners. Our semi-rigid, open-celled polyurethane insulation's high R-value and ease of application have taken insulation performance to a whole new level. The open-celled foam accomplishes three goals: sealing out dust and pollen; reducing extraneous noise; and generating energy efficiency that noticeably lowers every month's utility bill. 

Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus is a spray foam insultion that gives an engineered building envelope with a high long-term thermal resistance, an excellent air barrier, and a recognized vapor retarder in a single applicationHeatlok Soy® 200 Plus contains recycled and renewable resources as well as soy and vegetable oils making it a green foam insulation. This high performance closed cell rigid polyurethane foam is used for commercial and residential perimeter wall insulation and is spray-applied by Authorized Contractors. With Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus,  Demilec continues to pioneer advancements in high efficiency spray foam insulation which affirms Demilec's commitment to environmental protection and superior quality of life. 

Anyone interested in registering for our training sessions or obtaining more information on our products or services can contact Demilec toll free at 1-877-DEMILEC (336-4532) or by visiting us online at


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Demilec - Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems

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