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West Development Group(WDG) - Polyurethane Foam Roofing Technologies
      Polyurethane Foam Roofing Technologies

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USA - Midwest Upper
300 Commerce Drive
P.O. Box 646
LaGrange,   OH   44050
United States

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Phone: (866) 924-4585
Fax: (440) 355-4276
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West Development Group (WDG) specializes in silicone and polyurethane foam technologies used in the roofing industry. The company is an industry leader in its commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment through ecologically sound products and practices. All WDG products are developed with knowledge gained from nearly 30 years of input from roofing contractors and an eye on environmental responsibility.

For more info, contact WDG at 440-355-4682 or toll-free at 1-866-924-4585. Email Visit the WDG Web site at

Committed to performance – and the environment

When WDG began its research into making green roofing products, the company found that, in many cases, pursuing environmental solutions reduced product costs and improved product performance and marketability. As a result, WDG examines all aspects of its business activities and the corresponding environmental impact, such as raw material sourcing, regional purchasing, and the carbon footprint left behind by its manufacturing processes and end products.

In addition, environmentally responsible practices in WDG’s manufacturing process, along with a reduced carbon footprint, making many WDG products “360-degree green” products. Examples in environmental processing include using geothermal energy and recycled materials in both processing and packaging. As an example of reducing carbon emissions, consider that one truckload of SPF delivered to a job site does the job of four truckloads of board stock insulation.

Benefits of using WDG products include easy application with just one coat in less time and with less labor than other roofing products. State-of-the-art equipment is available to contractors to rent or buy. WDG’s Silver Eagle is for spraying polyurethane foam and the AutoSlope robotic SPF shapes foam to the desired slope.

A quality silicone roof system helps save money in installation and maintenance. WDG System 14™ helps save the planet.

In 2008 WDG, introduced System 14‰ Total Silicone Roof System as Greener Roofing Option with Proven Performance and “the only total silicone roof that makes total ecological sense.”

System 14 is a comprehensive roofing solution that delivers a complete range of products, including silicone sheet goods, skylight glazing, silicone sealants and coatings, and Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation, as well as other products for any commercial or industrial roofing situation.

WDG’s System 14 features a zero VOC coating (HSS 535) that is applied over a soy-based SPF, creating a moisture-resistant seal that is both durable and flexible. A silicone topcoat cures in a few hours; forms a seamless, self-flashing seal; resists oxidation, wind-driven rain and snow, ozone, and many chemicals; offers resistance to cracking and peeling and will not shrink or become brittle or stiff; and eliminates most tear-offs. The silicone surface can be easily reconditioned to provide years of further leak-free service.

Use of solvent-free silicone on a 100,000 square foot roof prevents the release of approximately 1,000 gallons of solvent into the atmosphere – enough petroleum to drive a family sedan around the world. Silicone roofing systems are environmentally beneficial, economically viable, and functionally equivalent to conventional petroleum-based roofing.

Spray polyurethane foam is a proven roof insulation that helps reduce energy use and costs. WDG spray foam provides other environmental benefits as well. It is manufactured from soy-based polyol in lieu of petroleum-based polyol. Approximately 25% of the polyol used in the insulation manufacturing process is renewable. WDG is working with other companies to improve these formulations.

WDG’s exclusive R2R‰ process positions the company as the only roof system manufacturer to use recycled EPDM material to strengthen and enhance the physical properties of its silicone topcoat (HSS 540 R2R) for new roofing projects. Using recycled material from old roof tear-offs, the R2R process improves an array of WDG products and prevents tons of old roofing material from being tossed into landfills.

Using an SPF base with the silicone topcoat offers a long list of benefits. SPF is seamless, watertight, and lightweight. It eliminates flashing leaks, lowers installation costs, and provides for ease of maintenance. Its insulating properties can generate significant energy savings. Roof systems using these materials can often pay for themselves with energy savings within the warranty period.

System 14 comes with comprehensive warranty options up to 30 years and documentation regarding pertinent testing, codes, standards and conformance to industry standards and guidelines, including ASTM, UL, and FM.

System 14 is seamless and uses no mechanical fasteners, minimizing trouble spots for moisture penetration and roof system failure. A total silicone roof system allows expansion and contraction ratios to remain compatible and maintenance of all areas of the roof system to be the same.

Because silicon, the source material for silicone, is one of the world’s most abundant natural resources, silicone is immune to the volatile price fluctuations of petroleum. When petroleum prices rise, petroleum-based roofing systems increase in cost – affecting new roofing projects, future re-roofs and repairs.

The quality of WDG System 14 is backed up by rigorous product testing and conformance to industry standards, including ASTM International and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. System 14 passed Accelerated Weathering tests (ASTM D4799) and Fire Ratings (both ASTM E108 and UL 790). WDG has its own testing facility and burn tunnel (for fire ratings) that provides research and testing for third-party polyurethane blenders, as well as for raw material suppliers such as fire and smoke suppressant manufacturers, polyol manufacturers, soy product manufacturers, and surfactant and catalyst manufacturers.

Significant time and effort went into the development of System 14. System 14 is environmentally beneficial, economically viable, and functionally equivalent to any roofing system it replaces.

The company considers the environment so important that it helped establish and is providing financial assistance to the Scientia Terrae Causa (Knowledge for the Earth) Environmental Science Scholarship Fund at Ferrum College in Ferrum, VA. The fund helps high school students planning to study environmental science at Ferrum, and WDG will donate a percentage of future sales of its environmental products, including its solvent-free silicone coatings, to the fund. WDG is committed to better roofs, a cleaner planet, and providing financial assistance to young people pursuing a career in environmental sciences.

For more information about the System 14 Total Silicone Roof System, R2R solvent-free silicone, or other roofing products from West Development Group, please call WDG at 440-355-4682 or toll-free at 1-866-924-4585. Email Visit the WDG Web site at


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