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Aloha Energy - Bio-Based Foam Manufacturer
      Bio-based Spray Foam Insulation and Spray Foam Equipment

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USA - Northeast
186 Circular St
Suite 4
saratoga springs,   New York   12866
United States

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Phone: 518-587-0285
Fax: 866-430-4057
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Aloha Energy

Saratoga Springs / Schenectady, New York


Sustainable, Energy-Efficient, Bio-Based Spray Foam Insulation & Equipment


Aloha Energy's Spray Foam Insulation is not only manufactured from renewable sources, we do it right here in the Northeast USA at our facility in Schenectady, NY. Among its best features is that it expands to 100 times its volume to completely fill every space and void creating a barrier and thermal seal. Aloha Energy foam's thermal seal keeps your heating and cooling costs low. The barrier keeps pollutants out of your home and greatly reduces noise pollution. As an inert substance Aloha energy's Bio-based Spray Foam Insulation retains its structural integrity for the life of your home. It is not affected by moisture, mold, insects or rodents. 

Why Aloha  Energy?

  •  "Greenest of the Green" spray foam insulation with 48%-61% Bio-Renewable Components on the "B" side. We use Castor Oil, Sucrose and the Oil from the shells of cashew nuts in our formulations which are Water-Blown.  We started with soy buy have found that the advantages of Cashew Shell oil to be substantial.
  • Wide Range of Formulations:  0.5 Spray, 0.5 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.0 Spray (coming soon), 1.6 Injection, 1.8 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.8 Spray. 2.0 Floatation and 2.7 Roof  R-Values range from 3.6 to 6.5 depending on density.
  • Low cost shipping - From Maine to Maryland, 1 or 2 sets delivered for $100 ($125 with freeze protection)
  • Superior Customer Service and Support from a local, family-owned company
  • Full-Service Solutions -  We can custom build you a rig, service your existing equipment and  train you.
  • Custom Formulations. ex.) Customer needed closed cell 2lb slow rise for cavity fill application, we formulated and shipped within 3 days.
  • Competitive Standard Pricing and Quantity Discounts
  • LEEDs points for local manufacturing, within 500 miles of application site.
  • Recycle drums - We us e recycled drums and drums made from recycled material as much as possible.  We will take back all of our empties and with our drum supplier, refurbish and put back in service as long as possible before finally recycling the steel and plastic, keeping it all in the loop.

Foam Installation Representatives are available throughout the Northeast United States.

Call (518) 852-2812 for the one nearest to you.


Aloha Energy’s Bi-Based Spray Foam –
Cutting Edge, High Performance – Sustainable, Energy Efficient  Insulation


Aloha Energy
Subsidiary of Aloha Homes, LLC
Offices at:
186 Circular St., Suite 4, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-852-2812 cell       Fax: 866-430-4057  Email:  Tom Eletto, CEO or


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