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SWD Urethane - Polyurethane Solutions

SWD Urethane - Polyurethane & Coating Solutions
      SWD Urethane is a trusted provider of polyurethane solutions. SWD offers high-quality polyurethane a

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US National
540 S. Drew St.
Mesa,   Arizona   85210
United States

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Phone: (800) 828-1394
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SWD Urethane is a trusted provider of polyurethane solutions. We offer high-quality polyurethane and coating materials for all applications including;


·       Roofing

·       Insulation

·       Packaging

·         Pour

As a system house within the polyurethane industry, SWD develops long-term partnerships with businesses and applicators in a wide range of industries. We work with our partners to identify and develop best-result solutions to grow their business.

Our goal at SWD Urethane is to deliver high quality polyurethane materials that enable our clients’ success. 

Three reasons to partner with SWD:

1.      SWD is a total solution provider. We provide our customers with technical, marketing and equipment support.

2.      SWD delivers chemical product that meets or exceeds technical performance standards.

3.      SWD develops meaningful relationships with customers that allow us to deliver solutions that help grow our customers business.

Contact us to see how SWD can help you build your business. (800) 828-1394

SWD System Solutions:

SWD Urethane offers complete polyurethane solution systems for roofing, insulation and packaging.

Roofing : SWD offers a complete spray foam roofing system that is ICC and CRRC certified. The SWD roofing system includes primer, foam and coating.

Insulation : SWD offers a complete range of ICC approved insulation solutions including .5lb and 2lb spray foams and a 2lb pour foam ideal for use in masonry and SIPS applications.

Packaging  : SWD offers 6 packaging foam formulations, including a military spec, to provide a complete range of packaging solutions.

SWD supports all our system solutions with equipment sales, service, and technical support. 

About SWD Urethane:

SWD Urethane was founded in 1972 by partners who saw an emerging market for polyurethane foam roofing. They realized that polyurethane foam roofs offered building owners better life-cycle cost as well as increased energy efficiency. 

The partners also realized the benefit of building relationships with customers to develop products and solutions that mattered. Their foresight has allowed SWD to be positioned today as a company that delivers quality products that help our customers grow their business.

SWD expanded their product offerings from roofing in 1976 to include polyester polyols. In 1978, SWD began a systems blender approach to the marketplace, and began developing a wide range of products for use across multiple market segments. 

SWD has an exceptional lab processing team that gives SWD the ability to develop solutions based upon specific customer needs. Unlike commodity providers, SWD will work with customers to develop best-result solutions.

Still independently owned and operated, SWD Urethane is lead by Steve Perkins, CEO and Jim Perkins, President. They are committed to continuing to maintaining independence and delivering meaningful polyurethane solutions to our customers. 

Contact us to see how SWD can help you build your business. (800) 828-1394


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