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Tech Tips for Spray Foam Equipment
Presented by Urethane Supply, Inc
Open Cell Daily Start Up

Daily Start-up Procedures for Spray Rig


Before leaving the shop in the morning always check fuel level in the generator and chemical levels in the drums!!


  1. Start generator and allow it to run for at least 30 seconds before turning on                         breakers to equipment.
  2. Verify that the refridgerated air drier is on.
  3. Turn on agitator on B side drum. You should turn the speed of the agitator up during initial mixing, but when you are ready to spray turn it back down so that you are achieving a slow, steady mix of the B material. New drums of material should be stirred with a paddle prior to this initial mix. NO AGITATION OF THE “A” MATERIAL IS NECESSARY!
  4. Attach the coupling block (at the end of the spray hose) to the wall-mounted recirculation block. Open the valves on top of the drums, the valves on the recirculation block, and the valves on the coupling block.
  5. Verify the target temperature settings on the E30 (125 – 135 degrees) and turn on all three heat zones (A, B, and Hose).
  6. At this point, the pressure display on the E30 should show several “dashes”  (-----). Press the up arrow next to the pressure display until J 5 is reached. Press the ON button just below the pressure display to start the unit in Jog Mode.
  7. Monitor the temperature gauges located at the bottom of the diaphragm pumps until the material temperature reaches 90-95 degrees. It is normal for the B material to show this target temperature faster than the A material. When this occurs, you can adjust the target temperature on the B heater of the E30 to 100 degrees and increase the Jog speed to J 10 (using the up arrow next to the pressure display). Remember to reset this target temperature prior spraying. By doing this, it should speed up the warming of the A material. Full drums of material will take longer to warm up than partial drums of material. 
  8. Once the material has warmed to the desired temperature, close the valves on top of the drums (at the same time), the wall-mounted recirculation block (at the same time), and the coupling block valves. Press the ON / OFF button on the E30 (just below the pressure display) to stop the motor. Press the down arrow (next to the pressure display) until E30 is no longer in Jog Mode (there should be a pressure reading showing in the display). Observe the gauges on the E30 and balance pressure as needed.                                             

NOTE: Once the spray hose temperature has reached it’s target setting, it is possible to change the recirculation set up, so that the hose can be pulled into the area to be sprayed. To do this, open the recirculation valves on the E30 (located on each side of the pressure gauges) then close the coupling block valves and the wall-mounted recirculation block valves (leave the valves on the drums open until warming of the materials is complete and you are ready to stop the Jog Mode). If this method is used, when coming out of Jog Mode, close the valves on top of the drums (at the same time) and close the valves on the E30 (at the same time) then complete the above procedure.

  1. Attach the spray gun to the coupling block. Turn on air to the gun, Open one coupling block valve and check for misting out of the tip of the gun. If no misting is observed, open the other coupling block valve and check for misting. If misting is observed when either valve is opened STOP, close the valves and check the side seals and mix chamber of the gun as there is a poor seal at this point (if you do not address this problem now, you will have major problems with the gun). If no misting is observed, proceed to step #10.
  2. Spray a small amount of foam on a piece of sheet plastic or cardboard. Check the foam for quality and check the gauges on the E30. The gauges should be even or very close to even. If a pressure imbalance is observed, there is likely a blockage or restriction in the spray gun which should be corrected before proceeding. If the foam looks normal, rises well, and the gauges remain balanced, you are ready to proceed with spraying the job.


Shut Down Procedures


  1. Press the Park button on the E30 and trigger the gun in short bursts (on scrap cardboard or plastic sheeting) until pressure on gauges begins to fall below set point.                                                

2.      Continue this process until pressures are between 500-800psi (800-1000psi in colder ambient conditions). Then turn the E30 unit off (red knob on the side of the unit).                                                        

3.      Close the coupling block valves. Remove the cover to the zerk fitting on the gun. With the purge air still on, pump 2 shots of Graco grease into the zerk fitting. Then, with the purge air off, pump the Graco grease into the zerk fitting until grease is observed coming out of the tip of the gun. Smear the excess grease on the air cap of the gun. Replace cover on the zerk fitting. At this point the machine and gun are correctly shut down.                                                                                                      

4.     Turn off breakers to equipment. Allow the generator to run for at least 30 seconds with no load before turning it off.     




To clear the cycle counter: Press and release the cycle count key, then press and hold until the display shows  0 (zero).








Posted on Monday, Jun 20, 2011 - 12:28:00 PM EST by  Urethane Supply, Inc
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