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Foam Management: PRICE INCREASES

Foam Management: PRICE INCREASES

With the pending and in some cases already in place price increases for your spray foam chemicals; now is the time to scrutinize the R-Value of your preferred product. Aside from comfort in spraying & convenience R-Value, when studied and the lessons practiced, can create additional profit for the applicator.

R-Value's connection to Yield: a closed cell aged value of 6.1 verses one of 6.5 doesn't sound like much to the average applicator. However, that 0.4 increase in R-value can equate to an increase in yield of approximately 7%. Open celled products with aged value of 3.6 vs. aged values of 4.2 can equate to an increase in yield of 20%. Choosing your product based on YOUR NEED and the data available in their ICC report & technical data sheets can & does result in increased yields. The important thing to remember is this: the trigger-man holds the purse strings, he must be made aware of this change and why the change was made. Failing to inform him can and will result in an overall LOSS of yield. By that and assuming the manufacturers suggested yields are equal, I mean this: using a higher R-valued foam in lei one with lower R-value and spraying the same thickness as the lower valued product puts too much material in/on a wall. Capitalize on the merits of a product, not the pounds!

To expand, when pricing a R19 job; is a full cavity fill required? Are you taking advantage of the manufacturers tested R-Value? Educating your customer to the R-value of your preferred product and explaining the depth to be sprayed can not only cut back on the amount of chemical used but can also drastically reduce the time required for trimming. If the product you are spraying has an R-Value greater than 3.7 and your guys are bringing bags of trash back to the shop-you are throwing away income, literally! On top of that, most customers don't want to contribute plastic trash to the local landfield so educate & reap the reward.

In selling a product of greater R-Value, one must make the effort to convey this information to the customer. Questions will come but with data sheets & reports in hand along with conservation in mind, more often than not the debate is a short one. A little time spent educating your customer & YOUR Trigger-Man can minimize if not completely remove the effect of a price increase.

To the point: if you incur the looming 0.15/lb price increase, what are you really paying? Spend some time with a calculator and you may well discover that the per pound increase can be nullified with better foam management.

Posted on Monday, Apr 11, 2011 - 12:10:00 PM EST by  JAG3
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