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I am building my own home, and want to spray insulate myself, as I have my house and several outbuildings that I want to insulate. I am planning to buy a Graco system out of the States, and have the seller do the training. I understand that I need CCMC approved foam for Canada. Do I need some further certification in order to purchase foam here in Canada? Will the training certificate provided by the seller of the system be adequate? An installer does not have to be certified by the Canadian Spray foam insulators association in order to spray, correct? What certification do you need in order to spray yourself? Some people import foam from the US, but that is not allowed, or just not up to Canadian code?

I’m not an expert in the Canadian market, but here’s what I got from some of my sources. The National Building Code of Canada (NBC) only references CCMC-approved foam so you need CCMC approved foam to legally use it in a building. You need to purchase foam from a manufacturer who has a CCMC approved foam in Canada. They will lead you through the process of getting certified to install their foam. All buildings that fall under the NBC need to have products that are CCMC approved. Try going to the CNRC website to look up spray foam products that are approved then contact those manufacturers. This may also be a great question for the forum.

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