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It is essential that homeowners, SPF applicators, helpers, building occupants , and other on-site workers to understand that proper protective equipment and other application precautions which are essential to the safe use and final installation of spray foam.

Safety is important at all times, especially before, during and after application. Videos are a powerful way to market, educate and train people interested in spray polyurethane foam products.

In order to steward the proper use and application techniques of polyurethane foam, we have developed the following acceptance guidelines for video submissions. If our administrative staff, determines there to be any issue that may be of a safety concern ,the video may be publicly commented on within the submission page.

The following general requirements must be met when considering video submissions or posting:

  1. Proper Protective Equipment (PPE), including respirators, gloves, clothing, and eye protection must be worn.
  2. Any people within close range of the spray foam operations must be wearing the proper respiratory protection including camera people and other trades.
  3. Be aware of the different requirements for Outdoor Applications vs. Indoor Applications.
  4. Most applications recommend the use of supplied fresh air systems.
  5. Proper Fall Protection equipment and procedures must be in use when spraying on roofs or elevated platforms.

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