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How do I get foam off of my hands?

If the foam has not cured or hardened, use acetone or similar solvent. Take caution not to use anything that will harm your skin or enter the bloodstream. If the foam has hardened, there is no solvent that will remove it. It will not harm your skin and will wear off in several days. To remove cured foam from skin, use a pumice stone (available at most drug stores) and warm, soapy water. Then apply petroleum jelly to soften your skin.

Here is another trick we use for some other chemicals that get stuck to hands. It is pretty safe, so perhaps it is worth a try if nothing else works...

Take an ordinary set of rubber/vinyl kitchen gloves. Fill them part way with water and dish soap. Clean your hands thoroughly first, keep them wet and insert them into the gloves. Tape the gloves around his wrists (tight enough so as they do not leak, but loose enough so as not to cut off circulation).

Keep them on for a few hours. Watch some TV, read the paper, whatever. After an hour or so, take them off and wash your hands up again.

The effect is similar to swimming in the pool all day and having "prunish" like hands. Often this softens the skin enough to help out. No guarantees, but maybe worth a try??

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